It is always better to prevent the problem than to wait that it happened. The process of the restoration is much longer than we think. Our team offer consulting regarding fires and we are available 24/7 for any questions. Some of the advice can look very naïve to you. No matter what you thing read the advice that we are going to mention and maybe you will save you a lot of trouble.

Replace all the frayed cables

If your cable isn’t protected, you are endangered. If you are entering a new apartment, you need to check the installation. If you don’t know how to do that, call for professionals. The easiest way to predict is to check how old your building is. Most of the old ones have it, even if their apartment is renovated. After you checked the year and noticed that the building is “from the last century” you have every reason to be suspicious and call us to investigate.

Use inflammable furniture

No matter how much you like wooden material, don’t exaggerate with it. This way you will prevent a lot of damage. Combine your wood with other inflammable material. For example use metal construction combined with wood. Paint it in some natural color so it can match with it.


Avoid long curtains next to your radiator. If you put shorter curtains, you will firstly save a lot more energy, and secondly, you will prevent the fire. Avoid candles nest to them as well and leave the romance further from flammable items. No matter how careful we are candle can cause us a lot of headaches.

Alarm installation

No matter how careful we are when we leave our very home thing is beyond our domain, and we no longer control the situation. Therefore, the alarm system is maybe the best possible solution. This way you can also prevent even bigger damage, you can save your neighbor‘s house as well. There are a lot of modern devices that are synchronized with your mobile phones to react on time. You can be at your work and see that the alarm is on and call fireman. By the time you arrived at your home, everything can be done and clean up.

House maintenance

If you perform your house maintenance, you will be able to track any unpleasant change in your house. This way you will be able to prevent cables to be frayed and damaged, you will replace the old appliance with the new one and prevent any possible dangerous situation.
The goal of fire prevention to be educated and well informed to take precautions to prevent potentially danger. Using this method companies intend to help you to reduce emergency situations. In the general sense, this can be applied to all kind of people. Whether you are student, landlords, senior citizens you can educate yourself about fire prevention. After you finish the course, you will be able to predict any possible threaten.