We all will agree that there are a lot of things that can provoke the fire. If we are well familiar with them, we will be able to prevent it. Most of them are invisible, and we are not aware that they even exist, and those are the most dangerous.

Bad installation

The worst cause of all and the most dangerous is a bad and old installation. They are very common in old buildings. If you are a tenant and renting the place that has been renovated, you are not able to notice it in the first place. Therefore, it is highly important to investigate the apartment before you decide to move in. Luckily, we are offering this prevention service.

Cabling issue

When the cable is frayed, it can provoke the fire. Put all flammable material away from them. Otherwise, your place will be on fire in less than a minute. It is something you can also prevent. From time to time check your cables (if there is any physical damage) and replace it. It especially can happen with the extension cord, if you overload it.

Old appliance

Do not leave the appliance plugged into the wall it there is no need for that. First of all, you will save a lot more energy, and second, you will prevent any dangerous situation. Make sure that you didn’t overload your extension cord as well. If you notice that you have a problem with breakers, it might mean you overload it. If the appliance is too old, it can explode and provoke damage. Heaters are in the first place in this group.

Our personal negligence

The first reasons of all that cause the fire are our carelessness. How many times you left something because you are in a hurry and endanger your house and your life as well. Here the only prevention is to train you to be more careful. The best way to manage this is to make a list before you leave the house. Cooker and the iron are in 90% of cases cause of the fire. Our advice is to check them always, twice if it needs.

Neighbor’s fire

It is something you can’t prevent, especially if you are living in an apartment. And the question is how to prevent it. One of the most recommended things is to install the alarm. Just because your neighbor is careless, that doesn’t mean you should be. Maybe you are not able to prevent the fire, but you certainly can notice it on time. This way you will save yours and yours neighbor’s apartment. These alarms are not so expensive, but they ‘re certainly worth every dime.
There are also others things that cause a fire, but these above are the most common. To prevent them just consult with the experts who can provide you with all the necessary information regarding this type of issue.